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Home is a State of Mind

Have you organized, stream-lined, and Kondo-ized your life and your home and your stuff to pieces... 

…only to find yourself still feeling stuck, not at home in your own space, and looking for a way to move through life or creative blocks with more ease? You've come to the right place!

Mindfulness. Everyone's talking about it...Our outer and inner lives are constantly affecting the other.

We know that creating your ideal home-whatever that means to you-is no easy task. Clutter, lack of time and emotional bandwidth, and not being connected with what really makes you happy get in the way. I wear many different hats in my daily life: I run a non-profit in Los Angeles, am working hard on my first novel, am an aspiring filmmaker, old-school design lover and heavy-duty homebody. Some of my closest friends, luckily, are also excellent therapists…

They will also be posting on this site, along with some other wonderful writers and together, we are going to help you get your MIND, LIFE GOALS & HOME MORE ALIGNED, CALM and on TRACK! Identifying blocks and sticking points that get in the way, each week will remind you about what is truly important: Your own peace of mind. (As well as that linen closet that needs a good tidying-up-and we show you how! )

Read more to see how you can learn to be at home in your head, which makes all manner of living, organizing and moving through the world simply better, and much, much more fun...There are TWO sections on this site- House and Mind, and they both work together to help you find a way to organize, enliven, inform, better engage with, and enrich your mind, life & home...ENJOY.

Each week we delve into issues that are at times funny, embarrassing, stress-inducing, entertaining, and hopefully-ultimately-very useful to you...! We also help you get your home, head and heart’s desires together: The Blog is divided by “House” or “Mind” categories. You might especially fall in love with the “Tiny Tidys”-they are little sanity-savers!


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