Tiny Tidy: The Cutlery Drawer

Okay, this was one is easer than it seems, I think-even if you have bunch of sh*t in those (that?) drawer that does not belong! Get ready to clear out, wipe down, and get some quick tidying satisfaction!

What You Need: 

  • Two paper garbage bags-one for "give-aways/sell," one for trashed or unusable items
  • A rag and your fave natural cleanser
  • A place on the counter to put everything when you wipe out the drawers, and also, a place for things you will "re-position"
  • A good "get rid of this thing!" mind set

Okay, ready? Here we go

  1. Take a good look at those drawers. Now, ask yourself:  What is IN there? (Good question, right?)
  2. Toss, toss, toss! And by that, I mean, sure, put those ten bottle openers and wine stoppers from places like Margaritaville and your cousin's wedding fifteen years ago and your last trip to Cabo in the give-away bag. SAME THING with the cheap plastic "spiralizer" that honestly NEVER gets used  (never worked?!) Say bye-bye to ANYTHING that does not make cooking, preparing or even nuking your food more fun and more delightful. 
  3. Pull EVERYTHING else out, and place it on the counter. 
  4. Decide where to put larger items or utensils that you like, but don't use often. For instance, if you only bake occasionally-put those whisks and baking utensils in a cute jar, and maybe store where you have your vases and other jars. 
  5. Wipe down the insides of drawer with your rag and cleanser. Get in there good! (But don't take more than a few minutes to do this!) Unless you are a complete, raving slob, (JK!) a few minutes should do it. 
  6. As the drawers dry to their pristine splendor, go through the stuff on the counter AGAIN, i.e.-what you haven't tossed! Look through it again! And again! C'mon!  You can do it! 
  7. Let's face it. Most of us are NOT Julia Child or Ina Garten. The most genius tool in my cutlery drawer is one of those silicone spoon/batter-stir long spoon things, which I implement when cooking just about EVERYTHING. It's seriously one of the only cooking tools I use. What do YOU use the most? Give away the utensils and cooking implements that make opening that drawer a real drag.
  8. Okay! Now! Put the "give-away" bag in your car. Right now. (Just do it!) Come back in.
  9. Put everything back. RESIST the urge to go out and buy some new organizing tools, unless you really need them. (See our suggestions, below.) But seriously ONLY if you really need them. (The clean tops of shoe boxes work great to separate things out.)
  10. Admire your work!
Do NOT think you need to be perfect-just get it done! xo

Do NOT think you need to be perfect-just get it done! xo


YOU ARE DONE! Yay! Congrats! xo





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