Manifesting any magic lately? Let's try it!

We spoke a few weeks ago about relaxing into the new feelings of NOT expecting the worst, right? And seeing how that felt? Well, if that has been working for you, why not, try for a litte bit MORE? 

Without giving too much away, an amazing opportunity presented itself today, less than 24 hours after I set an intention about it. It's a pretty magnificent opportunity, and literally came out-of-the-blue, as they say, via a phone call from a great friend I hadn't spoken to in awhile...

What was so different about this intention-setting? 

  1. It was CLEAR: One sentence.
  2. It was specific, without mentioning or demanding to have the "HOW" of it. 
  3. It felt "doable." It wasn't so outlandish that I didn't or could not believe it. It felt...just right.

#3 is the real key. It has to feel "right." Believable-whether it is a certain amount of money gained from something (you should specify the basic throughway-as this is part of your desire-an acting gig, a new law practice, your writing, painting side hustle, a new job, finding that special someone- whatever your wish or intention may be-just not the exact "how" of it.

Write it down or repeat it several times a day, with a clear and certain clarity, similar to "I'm meeting Anthony for Brunch on Sunday." It should be that matter-of-fact, and full of ease and looking-forward-to-ness:

"I'm going to make _____ through my ____in the next _______."

"I'm going to lose _____ lbs. in the next ______ at my new gym. " 

"I'm going to land ____ new clients in the next ________ with my new practice."

"I'm going to clear out and organize the garage/guest room/home office  to my and my husband's/wife's specifications in the next _______, and it will be a pleasant and very easy experience." 

Let's all try it together! "You never know who or what is going to appear when you are clear." I'd love to know if this works for you, too!...xo 

(Remember-KISS-"Keep It Simple, Sugar." :)