Tiny Tidy: Your Freezer (Brrr!)

As the seasons are beginning to turn, I bet you have LOTS of containers of frozen soup, winter stews and meats that may be way past their due date, or at the very least, need to be organized in there a bit better! This one is easy and fun, and not a full-scale commitment at all (such as the ENTIRE fridge, which we will be addressing in this week's Spring Clean post). 

For the Tiny Tidy Freezer Clean-Out....You'll need: 

  • A Magic Eraser or Microfiber Cloth
  • Your fave natural cleanser (or a white vinegar and baking soda combo will work great here)
  • Some labels or masking tape
  • A Sharpie or a grease pencil
  • Garbage bag for food you're tossing

Let's get to it!

  1. Get your trash bag ready.
  2. Start going through your frozen goods-things you have personally cooked prepared, stored and frozen. Put anything you want to defrost for meals this week in your fridge. 
  3. Put the things you want to eventually toss in the sink to defrost (To be cleaned out from their containers and tossed a little bit later)
  4. Now toss any expired bags of frozen veggies, ice cream cartons, other foods, etc. which are past their prime. 
  5. Figure out which foods stay in there. 
  6. Take whatever is staying in-OUT. ALL of it-ice packs and ice cube trays, all boxes and containers of food stuffs-OUT-on a nearby kitchen counter. 
  7. As quickly as you can, WIPE DOWN the entire inside of the freezer, using your cleanser of the baking soda/vinegar combo. If there are any frozen bits, nudge them out with a butter knife. 
  8.  WIPE INSIDE OF FREEZER DOWN AGAIN, this time, with a dry cloth. 
  9. Put all the food stuffs and containers back, labeling anything you want/need to more specifically. 
  10. When things in sink have defrosted, toss out the insides and clean out or recycle the containers. 

YAY! You did it! And please remember, Tiny Tidys are not about Martha Stewart perfection! They are about remembering how easy and and simple it is to keep your space clean and organized, without it becoming overwhelming, and feeling a quick, swift sense of easy-peasy accomplishment. 

Now...you have our permission go go and heat up something yummy for dinner! Mmmm.