Spring Cleaning Start: Weekend Three!

Dude! We are almost there! And this one is fun (sort of!)  because this weekend, we are going to focus upon...

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen!

Okay, let's get some easy-breezy materials together: 

  • Your fave natural cleanser (or white vinegar) that you can clean all surfaces and glass with, too. 
  • Bon Ami Cleanser
  • Rags
  • Magic Erasers (a few!)
  • Baking Soda
  • Newspapers or paper towels for the glass and windows
  • Mop and whatever natural floor cleaner you use (I use the same spray for everything) 

Ready? Let's GO: 

  1. Look at everything in your pantry. Take a breath. Now, go through it! (If you have kids old enough to read a label, promise them a really nice treat, and have them help you go through, tossing anything old and expired and past its prime. 
  2. Take OUT all the goods in the pantry you are keeping! Then, wipe down with cleanser the entire cabinet(s) shelves or pantry room. (ALL of the shelves. up and down!)
  3. Put all of the pantry goods, jars, and cans of food back in the pantry. 
  4. Mix about a cup of Baking Soda and 1/4 cup of warm water and make a paste (adding more water when necessary.) Open the oven, and scrape out the bits with a butter knife you can get at. The dried, gunky bits you can't? Put the baking soda paste over it, and spread it throughout the oven where you see those "burnt" streaks. Close the oven, leave the mixture on inside overnight. (This method works like an incredible charm-I swear!)
  5. Take the Bon Ami and natural cleanser, and carefully clean the top of the stove, getting at all of the gunky stuff, if it's there! Finish off with the cleanser, making it really sparkly and shiny. (Clean the "window" on the oven, if you have one, too!)
  6. Next, take and dampen your Magic Eraser, and let's hit the kitchen sinks! This is the most oft-overlooked place in the kitchen to really clean. If you have a disposable, run it, and toss a quarter of a lemon in there, to make it smell nice. Take that eraser, and really clean the kitchen drains, which, you will see, are really dirtier than you think, I assure you. Rinse with more cleanser and Bon Ami and rinse again, all of it! I guarantee it, your kitchen will instantly just look and "feel" cleaner. 
  7. Take everything out of your fridge,  and we mean-EVERYTHING. Toss what is disgusting, old, wrinkled, you get it! (Make a little spot on the kitchen counter for veggies you can save, and use for some nice meals this weekend, if at all possible.
  8. Fill your now spotless sink with warm, sudsy waters and put in the plastic produce drawers, if yours pull out. 
  9. Now get in that fridge, and wipe that baby down! (STOP whining about what a mess your fridge is-we are almost done, here!) Make sure to get at the disgusting parts on ten shelves and in the grooves-(just do it! :) 
  10. Make a list off condiments and things to get and place at the store.
  11. Wipe down the food and jars and things you are keeping in fridge. Do the freezer next, same deal! 
  12. Take your Magic Eraser, take everything off the top of the fridge, if anything'e store up there, and clean off any dust and grim duo there. Also- whet the hell do you have up there, anyway? If it's not cute or functional or decorative, take it outta there! (That cabinet above the stove is usually great for storing store bits of kitchen ephemera you don't want to part with.) 
  13. Hopefully, you have already hit under the Kitchen Sink. If not, read THIS! 
  14. Okay! YOU ARE AMAZING! Now, last but not leastly, it is time to do the floors. 
  15. Sweep or vacuum up the kitchen floor.
  16. Whatever your favorite method of mopping is, utilize it now, but get in there! Around teh stove and fridge, especially. Wipe down the baseboards! You heard us, just do it! Us ether Magic Eraser for this, it's super-healpful on grimy dust. 
  17. Go throw your drawer of kitchen linens, and turn into rags anything that looks ratty or too old and not fun to use. 
  18. In the morning, wipe out the oven. You will be amazed at how much easier the baking soda mixture make this.
  19. Clean off the top of the stove hood with a Magic Eraser and Rag. 
  20. Go & get yourself one or two be-YOOTiful new dishtowels or some nice, new cloth napkins, or order the ones we hand-picked, below! 

And...you are DONE! GOOD JOB! 

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