Spring Cleaning Start: Weekend Two!

We are on to Weekend #2 of our Spring Clean Guide. How was last week for you? Too much, or not quite enough? Well...

Now, we are going to kick off this weekend with a few "big" tasks, sprinkled in with some truly smaller, more "fun" ones. Okay, ready or not! Here we go...(And again, please feel free to start Friday night, if you wish) 

Weekend #2 of the Spring Clean Start: 

  1. This weekend, we are going to focus on two BIG things: The walls, and the bathroom!
  2. (I know.)
  3. Now that you hopefully lightly dusted and de-cobwebbed your walls last weekend, grab a magic eraser, dampen it, and go around rubbing out any scuffs or little marks that you can manage from your walls.
  4. Get a chair ready, take a rag or micro-fiber cloth, spritz on your fave natural cleanser, and get to work! Start at the top, and work your way down. Remember the endless moves he had to do in The Karate Kid? Just go in sweeping motions, like you are waxing or drying off your car. 
  5. Next, take care of any spots or true wall marks that cannot be buffed out. I keep a bright white tube of acrylic paint in a drawer, and daub any "real" marks. 
  6. Take a little break. Go for a walk. Meet a friend or take your partner out for lunch or coffee. Deal with your kids, and tell them you need a little "me" time. (Or ask your kids to help!) Just take a little rest!
  7. Next, we are going to tackle your bathroom(s)! Ugh. I know. It is my least favorite room to clean, by far. So, to make it FUN...
  8. We are going to make "Doo" Drops! I'm dead serious. And NO, I confess, I am not really a DIY person, but these drops are so fun, silly, and easy to make that it seems silly not to do this when cleaning out the dreaded bathroom! Just take a small glass or plastic bottle (preferably one that has a dropper, but that is not necessary) and pour about 2:1 in parts (depending on the size of your bottle) cheap vodka or rubbing alcohol/ to liquid hand or dish soap. Then, add about five drops of your fave essential oil, shake that baby up, et voila, instant "DO before you DOO!" Drops! (The bright idea is that you or a guest shake out a few drops into the toilet before they go number deux. The oil makes a coating on top of the water that traps most any odors.)  Trust me, It's genius, and it WORKS! You can even grab a colorful marker, but off some brown paper from a grocery bag, and make a cute label. Done! You are a DIY genius. 
  9.  Next! Here we go: Take out everything on the sides of the tub, top of sink and vanity,  and around and in the shower. That would be the shampoo and conditioner bottles, soaps, bubble bath and salts- you name it. Just put it in the hallway for now, even. What we want is a clean surface so we can get in and out of there, as easy and fast and possible. Remove everything from the top and around your toilet, as well. 
  10. Start with the toilet, in fact.  I like using Bon Ami powder, which is a safe, gentle-yet-abrasive cleanser, which is also very inexpensive.  You can truly find at nearly any grocery store, or order it below. Next, get out your toilet brush and scrub away! Take a rag and your fave natural cleanser, and scrub the top and sides of the toilet. GENIUS TOILET TIP: Take one or two DENTURE CLEANSING tablets as a safer alternative to those nasty blue pods. I'm serious! They leave a nice fizz, and give a nice, finishing clean to your toilet. 
  11. Bon Ami your tub, after first rinsing it with warm water from the shower, and pull up any stray grossness with a rag or paper towel. Spray and wipe the tile and surrounding walls. 
  12. Wipe down the sides and "walls" of the tub, as well, down to the floor. 
  13. Finish off the tub with a white vinegar/warm water rinse, to de-germ for real. (You can also add a few drop of your fave essential oil to the vinegar mix, if you'd like.) 
  14. Clean the mirrors, sink and vanity.
  15. Wipe down all of the shampoo and shower gel bottles, skin care, whatever was resting around the tub and vanity, and put it all back. 
  16. Fun job: Run down to the drug store and buy a sack of scented Epsom salts, (lavender or eucalyptus!) and decant them into a pretty jar, popping it next to your tub. Super inexpensive, pretty little treat for you and your tub. 
  17. Run some hot water, and take a nice, long bath! You deserve it. 
  18. Have a great rest of your weekend...! xo

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