Tiny Tidy: Your (ahem!) Nightstand Drawer

Today, we will be cleaning out our nightstand drawer(s)! We don't mean to be cheeky. But whether you store some saucy stuff in there, or not, it is completely refreshing to do this, especially if, like us, you love to lounge, eat, read, work and do tons of other fun things in bed...OKAY! Here we go:

  1. Open each bedside, night table drawer, one by one. How do you feel? Are you anxious? Do you have a few journals in there you started, but never finished? Does something in there remind you of the sex you are currently having or not having (and both thoughts fill you with dread?) Take note! We are going to fix a few things, here.

  2. Find a cloth bag or large, pretty make-up bag you can repurpose. Put all of your sexy time USA stuff in here. (Note to Self: Those satiny Sephora gift bags, which they give out free over the holiday with any purchase, are perfect for this!)

  3. If you have no sexy stuff to chicly store, than use this bag for any daily meds, headphones, body cream you have. Just capture anything you may use nightly (or morningly) in this pretty bag.

  4. Take everything out of the drawer, one drawer at a time. Still anxious? That's right. It's because you won't read those books that have been hiding in there! So, go file them back on the bookshelf. #feelnoguilt. Now, this is not about the PILE of books on nightstand you're currently reading. That is a totally different story!

  5. I know this will really bother some people, but please recycle any old journals stored here, (even with a few blank pages left) that cause you to feel any amount of psychic pain. Trust me, this is an AWESOME way to make way for the new. If you had a crappy few months, or year, and were sort of trying to journal your way through it, recycle those babies (Unless there was anything remotely creative in there you may need for a future project). Please. I promise! It's really okay.

  6. Take TEN MINUTES ONLY to put things in other places-bits of jewelry, workout clothes, your ten pens, lingerie, etc. Don't get stuck here!

  7. Old letters, momentos, concert stubs, birthday cards? Put them in a file for a now and store on or in a desk or cabinet. We will be dealing with those things later on this month.

  8. Find a pretty, deep bowl, and place it INSIDE the top drawer. Put your hand and body cream or essential oil in here, ONE pen, and a NEW journal or notebook (if you use one) here.

  9. Add a few "lucky charms" or crystals to the bowl, for fun, if you wish!

  10. Anything else-try to store in your closet or bookshelves, if you can...

Remember, we are NOT aiming for Pinterest perfection, here. Just whatever is soothing, and feels right, to you. Here's mine:



AND...you're DONE! YAYAYAYAY! xo