Tiny Tidy: Top of your Bureau or Vanity

We will be posting these little quick fixes, to get you ready for spring cleaning, or just to rev up your day or morning or evening so you can either A. Relax or B. Tackle some more important sh*t and clear your mind. So, without further ado...

Clear the top of your table top, vanity or bureau of choice, and style it! (WHY NOT?) 

Just take everything off of there! And I am going to assume you are doing your bedroom bureau and/or vanity table, here. You may have spare or broken jewelry to go through, make-up to be decluttered, coins to corral, and a few bits and bobs to organize-but don't do that right now. Set your phone's timer for 30 minutes. (And that is IT, that's all the time you get!)

To Start: 

  • Grab some ziplock bags and a Sharpie
  • Throw a few towels onto your bed 
  • Bag up any broken jewelry to be repaired/sold/given away. 
  • If you have jewelry and accessories on top in containers/jewelry box, place that on your bed
  • Place any make-up brushes/creams/brushes/perfume in the ziplock bags. 
  • Toss any old make-up/creams (Gross!)
  • Place those ziplock bags on bed
  • Take whatever the hell else is on there, and place it on bed
  • Get out your favorite wood or natural cleanser (depending on what your bureau is made of) and dust off. 
  • Take a brief tour around your space: Any old, clean candle holders, cute jars, trays, or tiny little bowls you can repurpose to set up jewelry, make-up brush holders, or perfume bottles? I bet you can!
  • Place the new jars/holders/ trays on your bureau/vanity top in a different configuration than you had before. Peep Pinterest or Apartment Therapy or Instagram if you need some inspo.  Don't go nuts, though. You are not painting the Sistene Chapel, here, just organizing your day-to-day stuff that keeps you glowing and cute.
  • Don't sweat it. Have little fun.  Especially for women, this little tidy can be surprisingly creative. I like to put some little evening bags and things out on my vanity. So, c'mon! Pretend that you're French.  Or more organized than you really are. Or more feminine. Or less cluttered. Or more cluttered! Whatever feels different and fun and right. 
  • Okay, time's almost up. Put the jewelry that needs fixing or selling or giving away near your door, so you can then put it in the car, so you can then figure out when to take care of it. 
  • And...you are DONE! (GOOD JOB!)