Start An "I Give A Sh*t" List!

In preparation for our Ultimate Agenda Launch of next month, we are asking you to do a little but hugely important task this week: Create an "I Give A Sh*t About" List!

This is not a test! 

If you do not care about what's going on in Syria or Sudan or anywhere outside of the borders of your own life, PLEASE! (I repeat-PLEASE!) do not put it on this list. I mean, this is a LIST. A big one. Personal to YOU, only. I want it to be pages long (or maybe not!) But I hope it's thoughtful. And beautiful. And silly. 

Creative Examples:

I Give A Sh*t About: (in NO apparent order!)

-My dear friends and family

-My niece and nephew's future lives

-Dressing to please myself

-Sales at IKEA in January

-Those kids in my neighborhood who seem neglected

-Day-Z (I know! ;)  the Cat who seems to not have a home, but has a collar that says "Please Do Not Feed Me", and won't leave my doorstep.

-My mom's health

-Meeting someone great

-Having a life with someone

-Feeling and finding a perfect match with someone I adore, and vice-versa...

...WAIT a minute! Do you see a pattern? NO, I do not need to adopt this cat! What I do need to do is to meet a great guy! This is why taking the time to make this list is so gorgeous: What you care about is WHAT YOU WANT, or WANT MORE of, in your life! THIS is going to be the foundation of your Ultimate Agenda! (more on that next week!) 

 Just have as much fun as you want with this list. No one is looking but...YOU! xo