GREAT Motivation to Declutter...

I just found out that Amazon has this terrific,  new Trade-In Program...Actually, as soon as you hit that link, the page will even tell you which of our previously purchased products are eligible to turn in for Amazon gift cards! I think this is great, especially if you are someone who shops often on Amazon, and if you buy lots of your household staples and cleaning supplies online. 

You can hit that garage, and look for: Old text books, video games, Kindles or e-Readers, cell phones, speakers, you name it! (Electronics are big, so ask your kids to look through their closets, too.) They are also constantly updating this part of the site and adding new items that are eligible, too. 

How the Amazon Trade-In Program Works: 

  • You identify an item you want to get rid of, and Amazon makes you an offer.
  • If you "accept," you print out the pre-paid shipping label they make available to you, and mail in the item to them.
  • If you are a "qualified" Amazon member, you can choose to be paid instantly, and your gift card balance will show this new balance. 

Et voila!  You are on your way to de-cluttering for Spring, and making a few extra bucks while doing so! Woo-hoo!