Tiny Tidy: Under the Kitchen Sink!

I know! You're probably like...SERIOUSLY? "Quick?" But this one came to light for me last week when it was raining here in Santa Monica VERY hard, so badly that mine and my neighbor's kitchen sinks got jammed up. 

The (awfully sweet!) plumber actually took everything out from under the sink, and wiped it down  before leaving (!) And although it wasn't gleaming and spotless, it made me realize that doing a quick-clean under the kitchen sink is NOT such a terrible thing.

SO! Here we go: 

Do a Quick Clean Under Your Kitchen Sink:

Under teh Kitchen Sink Photo-House and MInd-2018.JPG


  1. Put a plastic Garbage Bag on the ground below your sink cabinets, and grab a few rags. 
  2. If you have your garbage & recycling bags/containers under the sink, take them out, or just put them aside.
  3. Take everything else out from under the sink-sponges, cleansers, rags-whatever ya got down there. Place them on the covered floor space. 
  4. Kneeling down, grab a rag and spray your favorite natural cleaner on all the surfaces. This should only take a minute or two.
  5. Now, if you have a plastic tub or tray of some kind, grab that, and stick it under there to corral all of your cleaning supplies. This looks nice and neat very quickly. 
  6. Look through whatever is left. What did you have stored down there? Do you really need three empty, aluminum coffee cans? Unless you are a kindergarten art teacher or truly use them for crafts, no, you do not! Recycle those babies, or store them someplace else, if you can. Jars? Extra cleaning supplies you never use? Try to really see if you can either recycle some things, or put them in a place that makes more sense, like the garage or laundry room or linen closet. 
  7. Take out the garbage.
  8. Put garbage bags back, if they belong there. 
  9. You are done!
  10. Woo-hoo! Good work! See, that wasn't so very hard, right? Now, go celebrate, and go do some dishes! (#kidding!)