Are You Living The Dream, or Living IN One...?

Do you spend an inordinate amount of time day-dreaming? I do...I know that, for sure, and have done so since I was a child. 

In fact, I even had a name for it: "Thinking Minds." (!) I told my little brother, "please leave me alone, I'm doing 'thinking minds.'" During that time, in my head of course, Batman and Catwoman were about to get down to it, or I was living alone on an island, and had to fend for myself, or, much later, I became pals with the entire Van Halen band, and we would vacation together, me making lemonade for them in something resembling my aunt and uncle's summer cottage they'd rent near a lake in Connecticut. (I'm not even joking!)  Later, I was a famous model and movie star and dating Sean Penn. The list goes on. 

I am older now, and still do it. Constantly. Do you? 

And here's what I happen to think about this: I think it's okay. As long as you keep your head on straight, and are not (too!) delusional, a rich fantasy life certainly cannot hurt, and in fact, could be a way of safely compartmentalizing your stress. When things are just a little too hairy in your life, and may not be changing for awhile, especially in the case of a break-up, job, serious illness, loss of a loved one, or similar tragedy, zoning out a bit may even be prescriptive. Daydreaming may add some needed zest when you're exhaustedly caring for a six-month old, or not making love with your partner much these days. Or  it may provide some much needed motivation when fantasizing you're in that perfect job, when you are currently unemployed. 

Jess Lively has really been talking a lot lately about Abraham Hicks and Law of Attraction, and I am really fascinated by people that can really and truly take this concept to the "feeling" level, something I am currently playing around with. That is, acting as ifAs if you already have the job, are making the film, about to get your novel published, are engaged, pregnant or in the process of buying that new home. As if it's all, actually and really... happening.  

I think this feels disingenuous and well, a little crazy to most people. BUT! The fact of the matter seems to be this: We spend such a great deal of our time putting the almost opposite energy vibration towards the things we do not really want at all ("He will never go for me," I will never get out of debt," "I will never have the moxie to make that movie," "That job is too far above me!") that we are already, unbeknownst to ourselves, vibrating out to the universe these bolts and waves of negativity. We are simply so used to it, that "shifting" it in the other direction feels like we are efforting too much. But does it, really, require that much effort turn it around? Maybe we are just stuck in this negative feeling zone. 

Just like we spoke last week about rewiring neural pathways, I think the very same thing goes for "feeling" the outcome beforehand, in terms of applying the Law of Attraction. What it really boils down to, they say,  is believing what you "dream" and fantasize about will one day come true.

But you have to feel it first. 

Daydreaming is like baby stepping to the Law of Attraction. You just have to add that extra dose of "feelingness" to your daydreams to make them do double-duty! I am going to make more of a commitment to really putting this concept to good use this month, and I promise to report back...Would love to know your thoughts!  xo