Muting Your Feed...

You may have seen some of your favorite Instagram peeps proclaiming that they are taking a break from social media, for a week or a month or even longer...Facebook announced this year that you can "unfollow" a friend's feed without them even knowing about it, and Instagram now offers the same option.

Except Instagram calls it something really great: "Muting the Feed."

Both companies have also said they want to prompt users to use both restrictions liberally, stating the opinion that it will enrich and enliven both platforms for the user's own pleasure- as they will only be devouring content they actually enjoy. 

Wow! What a novel concept! 

So, next time that you realize you are dragging yourself back to that annoying book club, or family function, or endless and numbing work networking thing, just ask yourself:

How can I mute this feed? 

Dude, the good news is, in most situations, you really can! You DO have control over you own "feed"-over who you see, and what you do, and where you go.

You DO. (!)

The problem is, we get so looped in, like looking at your third grade English teacher's grandchildren on Facebook, that we do not even realize that we have this choice in our real lives.

But, lo and behold, we... DO! 

To start saying NO, and muting the feed of sh*t you simply do not want to participate in your daily and weekly life any longer, feels simply-great.

Intrigued by this idea? Good! You should be. Maybe pretend that you are a social media celeb going on a social media fast, and have to be really picky about what appearances you make. Make this muting process fun, and give it a genuine whirl...Do I really want to go on that blind date? Mute! That endless girls' night that always ends up feeling toxic? Mute! That movie you get dragged to only because your friend is obsessed with Tom Cruise? Mute. Mute...MUTE!

It is FUN! Just try it. Practice it. Live it. Mute the feed. I promise you. It will change your freakin' life. xo