There's a Mouse In Your House! Unscrambling your Assumptions

Well, I know this is hard to hear, and sort of hilarious, because I have a site dedicated to helping people become both more present and keeping their personal home environment clear, organized and tidy, but, dude, this past month…I discovered I had a MOUSE in my house. Yes, it’s true…(Eeek!) Eeek is right.

After trying, naturally, to do all of this myself, I finally broke down and called my apartment manager, who sent over our very sweet and efficient super, who very quickly found the hole it was coming in through (behind the dishwasher!) and patched it right up.

The thing was, before finding out where, exactly, this mouse had come from, I made all sorts of assumptions: It was because of the peanuts I sometimes leave out for the squirrels that I love in my back patio; it came from this space, or that place, in my apartment. Maybe a neighbor was angry at me, (the older lady who HATES squirrels next door!) and tossed one in while my backdoor was open? Ahhhhh…

I mean, to put it mildly, I was losing my sh*it…(Over, I may add, a tiny mouse.)

But the super came, and found the proper spot of entry, as I mentioned, within about 15 minutes.

My mind, however, went in about 15 million directions! I thought about how often we do this: We often insert ourselves into situations that, really, we have no control over whatsoever.

As my sweet friend Lesli tried to console me, reminding me that this little mouse was only looking for shelter and food, and bits of paper to make a nest and have babies, my imagination conjured a hellion force of rodents, hell-bent on invading my little cozy abode. I simply could not feel at peace at all…

I even spent one night out, as I felt the mouse was “trapped’ in my place, after the space behind the dishwasher was patched up.

And then, I thought about it: ‘This poor little mouse,’ as my friend said. This little guy is really only looking to just get by.

He meant me no harm.

I started to relax: I came in the next early morning, opened the back door, (and left it like that, for the first time in a few weeks!) cleaned up, and wished the little guy well. I also silently asked the little mouse to please go his way to be safe, and to not come back, that I lived here, and that it didn’t.

Well, guys, it has been a few days, but- so far, so good! No mouse. Nothing!

What assumptions do you have about situations in your life that, really, have NOTHING at all to do with you? Is your boss being a royal bitch this week, and you’re absorbing it, thinking you may have something to do with it? Maybe her father is really sick, or she is going through a divorce. Or maybe, she’s just having a REALLY sh*tty week. It happens to all of us, constantly, almost daily.

With our friends, loved ones, and colleagues…We can assume any little thing about ANY little thing that is said, that happens or occurs.

We need to try and relax.

Sometimes, things ARE the way they are.

Just do what you can, and take responsibility for what YOU can. Keep your side of the road clean and clear. Wish the other person well, but disengage with the idea that you have ultimate control, or can solve, find a solution for, or can fix every little thing.

Sometimes…You just have a mouse in your house…And that is IT. xo