Capture that "Back-To-School" Feeling! (Even if you are over-worked, stressed, need a vacation, and broke!)

YES! It's that time of year again...The kids are going off to school, maybe even college...You may already feel completely overworked and scattered and stressed, trying to get the shopping, arrangements, papers ready for the title (or big) ones. Maybe you don't have kids, but you're in great need of a little mental break, treat, or just something fun to look forward to...If either (or both!) cases are you, then please take this opprtunity, while taking some time out to start doing your Un-Plan for Fall,  to think about and tune into that "Back-to-Feeling" from when you were young (sigh!):

  • Get very comfortable, in a safe and relaxing space.

  • Close your eyes...Calm and quiet your mind, as best you can...

  • Try and remember the smells and feelings of that time...

  • What comes up for you? Dread? Excitement? Thrilling-ness? Anxiety? It's important to note this...

  • If the feeling leans more toward the negative, please don't get lost in this story. Breathe deeply, veer away from it, and try to hone in on any feelings that you can recall that were full of some kind of positive anticipation about this time of year...(Some of us may have to go quite far back! ;)

  • Any positive memories you can bring up? What made them so great? Was it the people around you at the time? Was it what you were looking forward to? Perhaps, it was just the fact you had a lovely new outfit that your mom or dad or grandparent had let you pick out on your own...? Whatever it was (and perhaps there are more than one memory) hold it close to you in your heart: Does it bring up a feeling of longing? Desire? Fondness?

  • If it does, you hit a sort of paydirt! That is gold! Because, even if the people around you are, well, no longer around, you can give yourself a dose of what you need to get that delicious Back-to-School feeling...back!

  • If you miss having specific family around, maybe start a ritual of calling your cousins, parents, aunts, grandparents (whoever you'd like) once a week during the Fall. Are they mostly all nightmares? ;) Then get on Facebook, and hit up some old pals from grade school or high school. YOU have changed, but an essential core of you is still quite the same, believe me. Chances are, you can tap right back into that while chatting or corresponding with someone who knew you, way back when...:)

  • If it's the "new-ness" of everything that you really crave, that fun feeling of having new clothing, sneakers, shoes, and school supplies, then find a way that is within your budget to purchase or procure a "set" of something or an outfit that is completely new. This can be office supplies from the Dollar Store, or a new outfit from Poshmark (my ultimate and fave place to both new and slightly used clothing, shoes and accessories-just use my code SHOPFRAN to get $5 off your first purchase!) Maybe you're more into design, and would love to get something new for your home?

Either way, maybe Fall is the time of year to make a big deal out of YOU! 

Whether you are an MBA, or didn't have the opportunity to graduate high school- no matter at all. Fall is a GREAT time to take some time for yourself, connect with old friends and loved ones, and give yourself, or your home, a little gift.