This Fall...Plan to: UN-Plan!

We spoke recently about creating an Ultimate Agenda, then thought the idea a bit too...Uptight! 

Isn't it always what you feel you must have to/need to do that gets in the way of what you really WANT to be doing in your life? 

If you are on this site, we know you are a thoughtful person. We know that you won't take this concept to any detrimental end. So, grab a notebook or pad of paper, cup of tea or fave beverage, a pen, and get comfortable!


  • THINK. What haunts you? Those languages you never studied? That trip to Europe you never took? The (maybe) hard fact that you never became a singer/dancer/engineer/astronaut? Write it all down here.
  • And, we mean, write down EVERYTHING: All of those regrets. Those "unfulfilled" desires, dreams and wishes. Write 'em down. NOW.
  • Now, we are going to go through them, ONE by one. (I know. But it gets better!)
  • Europe...That trip. Still want to do that? CROSS IT OFF IF THE ANSWER IS "You know, not really!" We are going to Unplan that trip, and make room for what you REALLY want to be doing, instead!
  • What else? 
  • REGRETS or WISHES WE WANT TO CIRCLE: Making amends to my family and/or friends  (if I am an addict) Sorry, dude. No Un-plan for that. Those types of things stay right on the list. Re-establishing a relationship with a family member I really do want in my life. Rekindling an old friendship which I truly miss...Those can stay on. 
  •  Write down whatever comes to mind. Do you REALLY need to buy a brand new set of Le Creuset pots before you start on your path to being a great amateur chef? No. You do not! Cross that off!
  • Do you really have the true desire to renovate your bathroom, or is that wish masking the troubling fact that you are really miserable in your marriage? CROSS THAT OFF. Make a NOTE to book an appointment with a marriage counselor and/or therapist. (I know. Truth hurts. NO ONE is looking at this list but YOU. Remember that!)
  • Keep going. Take breaks. Take a week, or however long it really takes, to get honest with yourself, to get really true and honest, and just do this. You deserve it! Trust me. 
  • This may take several days. Weeks, even... You may need to evaluate and re-evaluate what you thought were die-hard dreams and desires. But you owe it to yourself to do this. You owe it to the world to be living your best life, and to signal all of the other experiences you have been unconsciously barring from coming forth into your life to take shape, and come forward... 

This is very hard work. Please, make no mistake. You could consult a therapist or your regular meeting group. But you can also just...try and DO this. You can handle it! You really can. You will know if you need help to deal with any hard truths that may emerge. Don't judge! You are changing and enriching your life for the better good by doing this.  This will help you bring forth what you want and really do deserve in your life. This is, actually, a pretty damn exciting process! Do it as slowly or as quickly as you need. And please: By all means, message us, comment here, or reach out. And whatever you do, really try and commit to doing this...It is going to be exciting. 

NEXT WEEK, we will start on PART TWO OF THE UNPLAN! Have a wonderful week! xo