TINY TIDY: Pick A Drawer, ANY Drawer...

I just want to state again that the entire concept of these little Tiny Tidys, and the "Home" aspect of House & Mind, is to allow for the realization that not only is the idea of perfection not desirable, it's not even an option. It simply doesn't EXIST. (Phew!) By keeping your home clean and organized at YOUR level and your own pace, you will find your life to become endlessly more satisfying and just...feeling a bit more together. It's really true! I promise. If you are happy with things a little messier, and it keeps your life and more richer and more creative, keep it that way! If it's messy, and your life is out of hand, and you feel perennially on the run, chasing after things and out-of- control,  maybe start a little slower, but take a stab at cleaning things up. That is what these TINY TIDYS are for, and with THAT in mind-I'd like you now to...Pick a drawer in your bedroom, kid's room kitchen or bathroom...ANY drawer! 

Get READY...

  1. Gather up: A rag and your fave natural cleanser.

  2. Place a towel on your bed or nearby counter.

  3. Find & gather up the bottom of some smaller, empty boxes-think iPhone old boxes, shoe boxes, stationary boxes, so you have some different width, depth and length options.

  4. Walk around your home, and figure out which drawer you are going to focus on. Do NOT over think this, please! I mean it! Just pick ONE drawer.

  5. Once you have figured it out, take everything OUT of the drawer (just do it!) and put it on the towel-covered bed, or counter-top.

  6. Spritz the drawer lightly with cleanser, and dust it off/clean the drawer off.

  7. When you are done physically cleaning the drawer, turn and look at your stuff you have place on the counter...

  8. It's probably a jumbled mess. That is okay!

  9. Basically-THIS part is the "real" juicy part of this process-NOT how you are going to reorganize all of this crap. I know your throat may be clenching up and your heart could be racing-what with looking at what could possibly be a real mess. But it's alright. Take it easy.

  10. If this is a junk drawer you are doing, start tossing! Recycle or put in the give-away bag ANY old cords or random things hanging around...Just be ruthless. The stuff has been sitting in there, most likely, forever.

  11. If you are doing, say, a lingerie drawer, inspect each and every article of clothing. Get rid of or put in a give away bag ANY thing you do not like, looks worn to you, or somehow, gives you the shivers. Do this quickly.

  12. Depending on if you have clothing, accessories or junk drawer items. start looking at your new organizing system-those boxes and lids! Place some in the empty drawer. Start putting things back in the boxes, in a way that you'd really like them to be from now on. Play around with them. The lids are excellent to use for this, and act as little trays. I use them EVERYWHERE. They organize toiletries and junk drawer things really beautifully.

  13. Futz around until you feel that "click," and get the drawer the way you like it.

  14. YAY! LOOK at how easy that was- Congrats! You just tidied a random drawer in no time! #itsthelittlethings :)

These boxes and lids have been my main take away from that whole Kondo-craze- the lovely idea that you do NOT spend more money on more stuff to organize, just use the stuff you have!

I really do love that. If you feel like it, KEEP going! (Ha! My little strategy today, to be honest.)

And have a great weekend! xo