Tiny Tidy: Your Linen Closet!

This is either quite a tragic task for you, or very easy, depending on how many people are using the linen closet, how many family members you have, and how large your home is, bedroom & bathroom-wise. Get ready to turn some old sheets and towels into something more useful, and let’s get BUSY…

Things you will need:

A nice microfiber cloth and your fave natural cleanser, and a garbage bag and a cloth tote

  1. Take a look at the linen closet. Closely.

  2. Put a towel or sheet on top of a nearby bed.

  3. Take everything out, and place on the bed.

  4. Wipe down the inside and outside of your linen cabinet or closet with your cleanser and cloth.

  5. Go and take a good, hard look at what’s on the bed.

  6. Pick out any old or really mismatched sheets and towels…(Do you still have twin sheet sets from when your kids were little, or even from college? Ugly, patterned towels you have always really, well, hated?)

  7. Are there any you can use for drop cloths, car wash towels or rags? If so, place in cloth tote bag.

  8. If anything is really bad, you can also choose to toss in garbage bag. (But try not to do so, if they can, in fact, be reclaimed.)

  9. Fold everything you are keeping back up as nicely as possible.

  10. Figure out if you want to switch up the way yo had things before, or not: I like to put table cloths in back of the shelf I have my sheet sets on, and the towels below them.

  11. I also like to store folded, little washcloths and for-delicates dryer bags in a small, wicker box. It looks super cute, and keeps them from toppling over.

  12. Lean back, and admire your work! You are DONE!

Good job! xo