Tiny Tidy: Your Make-Up Bag!

This one is pretty fun, I have to say, because you get to chuck all of the old stuff, and dream about some pretty new things to refresh that ole' make-up bag of yours...

If you have a drawer/shelf AND a make-up bag, just pick one, or do both, if you're feeling extra-ambitious today...Okay...GET ready to...


  1. Get a small bowl of warm, soapy water ready and some rags
  2. Lay some fresh rags down on the surface you want to use
  3. Get out your bag & dump everything out right now!
  4. Scan it, check things...
  5. TOSS: Mascara older than 3 months, according to the word on the street. Eye pencils that are worn down to nubs. Eye shadow that has change color from mixing with other colors (6 months if cream shadow) Lipstick & gloss-2 years, actually, if kept well! (In my book, depending on your wear of them...)
  6. Place your make-up brushes in the warm, soapy bowl of water, and RINSE GENTLY, and several times (until they rinse clean.) Blot with a clean wash cloth delicately. Lay brushes out to dry on windowsill, on top of a clean cloth. 
  7. Wipe off what you're keeping, making a mental (or physical!) list of what you need/long for/want to add to your make-up bag, including sunscreen for the coming season.
  8. Put everything back in your bag, in drawer, on shelf. Feel better? No? Look and go through, and toss some more.
  9. Surprisingly, albeit in a smaller way, make-up can have that same hold some aspirational clothing purchases do: That expensive, crazy-red lipstick when you when out on a date with THAT guy, the sparkly green eye shadow for the Mardi Gras party...Give it to your niece or kid to play with, or toss it! 
  10. Go and replenish & restock with some great (clean) beauty finds at: 
The Honest Company

(But only if necessary ;) Yay! You are DONE! xoxo