Tiny Tidy: Your Everyday Bag/Purse!

This, admittedly, will be easy for some of us-and absolute hell for others. Choose which bag you'd like to conquer today- your tote bag for work, your everyday purse, your computer bag-whichever functions as your go-to, everyday-type-of-situation bag.


  1. Grab your bag.
  2. Go and sit somewhere comfortably that also has some nice space to spread out the goods-maybe the couch near a coffee table, or your kitchen table (if the table is clear enough!)
  3. Open that bag.
  4. Peer in!
  5. What is your first feeling? Alarm? Distress? Anxiety at the twisted receipts and ratty hair ties lying at the bottom? Or maybe-calm, soothed and relaxed? (you little bitch! ;) 
  6. Yes, you truly want to go for that feeling of being calm and organized every time you glance in there. Your money, phone, keys, planner, maybe your iPad or laptop- whatever you keep in there- it's... your life! This is important stuff. Pay attention to how you want to feel about these things, every single day. Focus. 
  7. Take out your wallet/checkbook/where you stash your receipts (if you do that.) 
  8. How do you feel? Anxious? Sort through your wallet-pulling out anything extraneous-slips/receipts/stubs, etc.
  9. DECIDE THIS: Sort it/stash it/trash it! Then do that!
  10. Put aside your wallet and checkbook, on the table.
  11. Pull out anything cosmetic-hand lotion, hand sanitizer,  lip balm, make-up in a case. Go through it. Wipe it down with a damp paper towel or baby wipe. 
  12. Put these cosmetics and similar items aside.
  13. Go through whatever the hell else is in there. Have a comb or hairbrush? Go rinse them out in the bathroom sink, and set them on the sill to dry.
  14. DECIDE THIS AGAIN: Sort it/stash it/trash- any junk YOU DO NOT NEED/USE EVERYDAY, or is basically nonessential.
  15. Put anything you essential you want to keep on the table. 
  16. Grab a baby wipe or damp paper towel or rag, and clean that bag-inside & out! (NOTE: Empty out your bag in the sink first, before cleaning.)
  17. Look at everything you- ahem- set out on the table...Just relax. We will get through it.
  18. What would make you feel more "together," day-to-day? A new app on your phone? Maybe you are secretly analogue and old-school, and want to get a pretty, new Day-Planner? Perhaps it's some new lipstick, or (in my case) a way to keep a mini-version of your everyday make-up routine in your very small clutch. Whatever it is! Make a note of it, and try to make these purchases (or pull from your own home) this very week.
  19. Put everything BACK in your everyday bag/purse.
  20. Breathe sigh of great relief!

YOU DID IT! Great job...

The OG organizing tool, from Filofax...Grab it, below.