Tiny Tidy: Your Spice Cabinet!

Okay! Let's be honest, here:  When was the last time you checked the dates on those spice jars and tins you have lurking (in maybe more than one place!) in your kitchen? That little bottle of ancient bay leaves you haven't used for ages? The three cans of Kosher Salt saved in the very back? C'mon! We are going to hit this baby, and hit it fast and easy…

Let's Get Started!

  1. Make some room on the counter, cabinet or drawer space near where you house your spice collection. 
  2. Place a rag or dish towel over this space, and keep an extra, damp rag handy to wipe off any grimy/dusty jars.
  3. First, start taking out each little bottle, jar and/or tin of spices. Look at the expiration date (most actually have these, even though we think they last forever.)
  4. Separate what you are going to toss and recycle (container-wise.)
  5. Now, have a post-it note or small piece of paper handy. Pretend it is Thanksgiving, Passover, brunch day, date night- and you are cooking away, at YOUR house. What the hell did you forget? Thyme? Tumeric? That special salt rub you are famous for on that rib roast? Mark these babies down, if you realize you are out of 'em...
  6. Wipe off what you are keeping. 
  7. I am NOT suggesting you (God forbid!) alphabetize your spices, but do yourself a favor here, and place back those spices you use the very least- in the way back of the drawer, cabinet or counter space where your spices live. 
  8. Put everything back in, as you wish it to look.
  9. Dump all old spices out of bottles and tins; recycle their old containers (or take off labels to jars and wash them.) They are cute! You can save them for storage, or to keep fresh spices in the fridge. 
  10. You are done! See that! EASY-peezy! Now, add any fun, new spices you wish to aquire (now is the time to think creatively of your future cooking plans!) to your grocery list! OR:

:))) Have a great weekend...xo