Zen, & the Art of Not Losing Your Sh*T!

I had a big event last weekend with the non-profit I help run last week, and well, the night before, I kind of lost it: There were so many details, so many things I wanted to get right, and it was very important that this event went off rather flawlessly. And you know what? The event went pretty great. BUT. It came at a huge cost time: My peace of mind! Time to do things a little differently, for sure. 

Could I have asked for help, mediated, ran to a yoga class, chilled the hell out, somehow? Yes. I mean, sure. I could have, I suppose. But I was SO wrapped up in what I was feeling, that it felt really almost impossible to get some clarity, to get that "this too shall pass" feeling, the knowledge that all of this would be over by the very next night!

But herein lies the big question: When you are triggered again and again by certain situations, and if they happen to be professional, say, like in this case, isn't it time to make some kind of a real and genuine change? Maybe you are having great difficulty seeing and doing things clearly and properly because you really SHOULD ACTUALLY BE CONDUCTING YOUR LIFE DIFFERENTLY! Really! And I know this is hard to hear when the situation seems like a an all-out trap, or you simply cannot see any way to add to change it. 

But,  if you can, try. You maybe can keep mediating around it, and running to a yoga class, and eating as healthy as you like-BUT: If your soul is crying out for you to REALLY and TRULY change your behavior, or a particular aspect of your work or life,  you really must honor yourself in this way. We all have options, even though, I understand, it's sh*tty to hear sometimes, and we often kick our heels against the back of driver's seat, feeling trapped in our own little car seat of life. 

But, the truth is, we are NOT. 

We can all make changes, no matter how difficult they may seem at the moment. You do deserve to feel better, and fulfilled, and to feel divinely guided, I am here to tell you this. Listen to that whining, crying, frazzled little voice when things have gotten, well too damn much! You need to listen! Pay some attention! Would you leave a screaming baby alone in the wilderness? No! (I would hope that you would not! ;) 

Please don't band-aid yourself with too much self-care, when what you really need to be doing is changing direction, whether it may be a little bit,  or going toward a completely new one. You can do it! I just know that you can.  And if you need help doing so, please, by all means, contact us.  

We can help you make some changes.