TINY TIDY : Your Cell Phone!

This is a "Digital Version!" (Special thanks to Mick Kubiak for this great idea!) 

Have you ever scrolled through your contacts, and your heart lurches, because you forgot to delete the number of the guy who ghosted you five years ago (or vice-versa!) or it pricks up and races when you see the number for that tutor you never called for your kid's advanced math class!? Today, we are getting rid of all that shame, stress and blah-ness that comes from looking at a device that may be filled with contacts and apps that do not express or reflect the good and juicy and interesting life you are living right now...


  1. Find a quiet, relatively stress-free one in which to do this, and promise yourself a little treat afterwards! Grab a sheet of paper and pen to make a small to-do list, coming straight from contacts you forgot to hit back. (Literally, just “Call the new neighbor Joan to set-up playdate.” Easy! BUT: This can be a teensy bit emotionally taxing, strangely yet also, very understandable. So go slow and do take it easy. 
  2. Start with the A's. Start scrolling. If you're like me, you have contacts from different life periods, projects, volunteer gigs and various jobs. Be careful, but then, start hitting DELETE, DELETE, DELETE! 
  3. When you are done, take a small, little break. Then, start skimming, again! I guarantee it,  you missed a bunch before. 
  4. Jot down anyone you have to reach out to, but have been neglecting for a minute. (Even if "a minute" is, in actuality,  six months, or maybe even more!)
  5. MERGE any multiple contacts and emails, as well.
  6. Now…on to the Apps!
  7. Open phone or iPad or Tablet up to your Home Screen.
  8. DELETE any App that: You Never Use,  Does Not Serve Your Life Right Now, and/or Is a MAJOR Time-Sucker (G'bye, Candy Crush!)
  9. GO TO THE PODCAST APP, and start downloading some NEW podcasts to replace those time-sucking apps. Podcasts I love: The Lively Show,  Optimal Living Daily,  Happier, and, full-disclosure, My Favorite Murder (I just love those girls! Warning: The subject matter is intense, but they are hilarious.)
  10. Start contacting a few of those people on your list who you really do need to get back to, if you want, or schedule a time in your week to do just that.  

#youdeserveitalways xo