If It's Broke, You Still Don't Have To Fix It (Phew!)

I have a pretty small, two-bedroom apartment. Recently, during the typical January de-clutter and purge session,  (and doing a little January Cure from our beloved Apartment Therapy) I was walking through my little space, trying to figure out what to "Fix." And I realized, whoa, first of all, what an attitude! I actually love my "little" apartment. I find it charming and comforting and perfectly suited to my needs. And I tend to it pretty well, I think: I show my place a lot of love, and take very good of it, even though I've been a life-longer renter. It just hit me, we all do this, so much, all of the time: The constant, anxiety-streaming mind flux of what is wrong, which things need t be taken care, what needs to be "fixed." In life, at home, throughout our myriad amount of relationships. 

It's damaging and sad and keeps you out of the flow of life, this constant, dreading-sort-of mind state, and one to try to notice, take real note of, and perhaps try to get a sense of what you are really concerned with and care about. Try to realize when you are getting distracted, when you are over-organizing, or perhaps spending too much cask at IKEA that you could be using to put towards your credit card debt (so guilty of this one.) That's it. Just make a little mental note. 

And when your brain starts its whirl of anxious wandering, try to quiet it by focusing on what is going on underneath. 

The point is, this post is just a very gentle reminder: Give your space, and yourself, a break sometimes. We are all flawed. You don't have to constantly construct new ways on how to fix yourself, your life, your finances. Just pay attention to what is really bothering you, and give that a little extra attention every week: Whether it's your budget, your home, your relationship, or that creative project you've had on the back-burner for a pretty long time. You deserve it. You do not need to be fixed. You just need to remember that we are all a little bit broken. It's okay. :)