Little-Bitty Big Thought: Don't Eat Cold Toast!

Have you ever been in such a rush to savor a sensation, quell your hunger, anger or boredom, that you hurry yourself even the most simple processes in life? I was making toast the other day (yes, it was avocado toast), and, after smearing some delicious ripe avocado over the Ezekiel bread, and cracking a little bit pink Trader's Joe's Himalayan sea salt over both slices, I bit down into one of them....And found the bread to be... cold! Like, really cold. (I keep the Ezekiel bread in the frieezer to keep it nice and fresh) 

So, what did I do? I was not, I must add, in a rush, as it was a weekend morning too. I think. I continued eating the quite cold toast. Yes! I did. Okay, full disclosure, I hate wasting food, a guilty legacy left over from my Italian grandmother, got me thinking. It got m thinking about all of the times we settle for less, in even the smallest of situations And the answer is not throwing away and remaking that toast, for example. I think it's worth investigating why we hurry through life, even the mundane stuff, and the small tasks not done well, or with enough attention, can start to really add up...

In life, if you consistently forget that the smallest things are the building blocks to a satisfying  lost, you will be eating cold toast, and waiting for your ideal situation, or the next best thing, for a really. really long time. Take your time, just a little reminder. Put some effort into the tiniest of tasks. And to paraphrase the late, great Charles Bukowski, "It is better to do a simple thing with style, than a dangerous thing without it." Words to live by!