Weekend Project: Say No Until It's a Hell YES!

This weekend, I want you to try, as much as you can, to take time off from any dull chores and cleaning that you can out off, unless it's a Hell, YES! I want you to take at least one day to do exactly what you feel like doing:

-Want to lie in bed and read all day? Hell YEAH? Then do it?

-How about finally going on that solo hike you have been wanting to try? Hell yes!

-That trip to Chinatown to buy some cool knick-knacks and tonight's dinner ingredients? YES, YES YES! 

This is the weekend for you to recharge. It's Memorial Day! Remember how great it is to do what you like to do, is my point. 

Some "Hell, YES!" Suggestions:

-Guilt your kids into doing laundry for a little spending money so you can curl up on the porch and read that new novel!

-Go out for Happy Hour with your old college buddies!

-Go to every single garage sale in your neighborhood!

-Invite people over, and make them bring stuff, so you can all relax and enjoy each other's company!

-Get a MASSAGE! 

-Go to the new museum or art exhibit downtown-by yourself

-Go and see a really silly action movie (you can take your pick this weekend!)

-Whatever your little heart desires that will not harm you or anyone else...

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! And if you are working, try to carve out a few hours to give yourself what you need and crave, whether it be a glass of wine or a yoga class...

Have a good one! xo