Weekend Project: What Have You Been "Shelving" Lately?

Look around your space right now, or in your mind's eye, if you at work or out and about. What strikes you the most, what feels the most "undone?" I can almost guarantee you have at least ONE thing that has not been hung up yet: That small mirror purchased at the tag sale or flea market, or a framed piece of art you love, but never got around to hanging. 

This weekend, we are going to think about what we haven't been taking away/putting on the walls, what we have "shelved" in our own lives. (I know, you're probably like, f*ck you, Francesca! I can barely clean my apartment on the weekend!) But really think about it, and maybe start asking yourself a few easy-peasy questions:

1. Why have you not been showing these photos or art work in your apartment? (Do you even like them?)

2. What have you been shelving lately? Which friends need your attention, which creative projects. which secret, genius work idea needs to be more fully explored? 

3. What can you put on a shelf physically, to shake up your space and add some spice, and what can you take off the shelves, inside your own head. 

If there's prints, paintings, framed photos strewn along the floor, stacked and ready and waiting to be hung up, put them on some type of a "shelf" in your home! I'm not kidding. It really works. Some kind of shelf, any kind. I even use the back of my toilet to place art in fun places. Don't be afraid! Use your bookcases, space along kitchen counters, behind the toaster and along edges of tables that are placed against the wall...Even if you have/like a minimalist decor, you can totally rock this style. IT makes your home cozy and pop and adds texture and tableaux. 

And extra points for you if you make a weekend project out of getting and installing those "art shelves," which are not expensive (see below) and perfect for those who are commitment phobic, because you can switch out your art and photos, even mirrors, and their placement every week.

As you're stacking and pretending to hang things up, think about what else in your personal life can you be showing more of to the world, or that needs more attention, in general: Your unfinished novel, that painting project, the dinner party you've been wanting to plan, that friend back East you haven't called in ages...

So-this Weekend Project is all about putting physical things on shelves, and taking some stuff off the mental shelves, dust them off, and pat yourself on your back for doing so. Good job, and let us know how you did!