Tuesday Tip: Throw That Sh*t OUT!

So, Apartment Therapy recently had a very interesting post on how you have to throw out your kitchen sponge, and change it out at least once per month. (!) 

I was literally, like, WHAT the hell are you talking about?! 

But they went to discuss the fact that you can dishwasher and microwave the sh*t out of these guys, and they are just these little disgusting, little germ packages. 

Okay. So, I did a little research: Most kitchen sponges tat you can purchase in packs of 2s or 3s at the .99 Store  are made of... cellulose (!) 

Ewww! For a hot second. Until! I Googled a little bit more, and  that these are these are the safest sponges on the market that you can buy. (!) Yay! Okay, So, that's really good, right?

Yes. I think so. For someone who recycles literally EVERYTHING,  this was kinda a tough one, but I'm going to really give this a try.  And, according to The Spruce, and AP, they are very safe, once again, and actually Eco-friendly. And you can clean out your old ones, and save them for tough bathroom jobs, if you wish (Bonus!) 

So, go the cheap route, try not to feel a bit guilty,  but try this, and tell us what you think!...:) 

(Or, if you're feeling a bit lazy, just order at TARGET! ;) xo