Tuesday Tip...Prepare for the Fall in Your Heart

Fall is in the air! And it feels great here in Los Angeles! Here are a few things I like to prepare around my apartment. Switch out tablecloths. Clean out the pantry. Maybe hit the bedroom closet, and start switching around from summer-to-fall clothing. But fall is also a great, general time for renewal, I think. A second-chance New Year’s sort of feeling. And with your home comes the people you have in it. Who is gonna stop by for drinks? Is your bar stocked-up?  Cheese at the ready? Then kids in school, new projects, Thanksgiving, work pressures building, holiday shopping...Ughh...Just. Take a breath, please.

I want you to really think about what you want out of this coming season: More gatherings of friends? More time alone? A way to save funds to have the holiday you really desire? It can be anything, anything at all. Tune into that second-grade feeling of being back at school-when the air is crisp and Halloween is coming! What can you get excited about? What can you create very simply that will convey this feeling? Are there some traditions you want to start? Are there some you could, truly, chuck the hell out the window if they're not working? (Goodbye, Thanksgiving Dinner for nineteen!) 

Think about it. Pick one little thing. If it makes you feel better, spruce up that bar cart with a new cheese tray (below), and maybe have your fresh food & veggies delivered sometimes instead of spending time shopping so you can hang out more with your kids (Hello, Farm Fresh To You!)

Just make a little pact with yourself, and get back to that feeling that anything is possible when the air gets just a tiny bit crisper and cooler. You deserve it! xo