Living Inside Your Space...Inside & Out

Is it crazy to think that the outside is often a reflection of what's going on within us ? 

We often worry that we have to set things perfectly in place before we embark upon some great creative, or work or even a small home project. I find this personally to be true, and then tend to sort of chastise myself about it, again and again. It's interesting, this reverse sort of perfectionism, because it can keep one from finishing, or even beginning something very important to us. 

I have some friends who are tidal waves of creativity and productivity, while their spaces, though not perfect, are cozy, shambling, perfectly welcoming homes.  I also have a friend who is like an ultra-modern version of Martha Stewart, and her own path reflects this too, in its way. 

This week, I'm going to work on aligning the inner with the outer: If I want to work on my book, and feel compelled to do so, I may let the dinner dishes just sit there. I may just decide to relax when thinking that my patio suddenly needs some sort of inexpensive revamp, the plants have not been watered this week, and the laundry is piling way up...Relax, then pull out the laptop.

Ha! What a load of crap. Truth is, if you're on this site, you probably need to find a way to clear and still your mind before you set out to do any real work. 

So, my real advice this week is: Give yourself a break. And grab a basket!

That's right. Get one that you really like, too, if that helps. 

Allow yourself to relax into where you are in your head, when you have free time away from work and/or family at home, and sit with that stirring-up feeling you have to tidy and clean up just some peace. If you have legit family duties, give yourself 45 minutes to an hour to do them-straighten up, clean, throw in some laundry...Set a timer. 

If not, grab a basket, throw some stuff in there. Do a full sweep, go on, just do it! Bills, mail on counter, shoes in entryway, Sunday's NY Times, some stray workout clothes, socks-whatever it is. Then sock that baby in your bedroom or hall closet for a few hours. 

Feel the bliss, I dare you! You're allowed...

Then, sit down, have a cup of tea or glass of wine, pull up to your notebook or your computer, and see what happens...