Weekend Project: From To-Do to... Ta-Da!

Each Friday, we'll be posting a little Weekend Project to knock off something that has been lingering on your home's To-Do list...But, as Gretchen Rubin of the Happier Podcast once wisely said, why not call turn that To-Do list into a... Ta-Da list? Meaning, start a damn list of the sh*t you get done on a regular basis, and then CELEBRATE it by jotting it down. 

We love this idea. We love it so much, we thought it would be fun to do together...Each week! 

This weekend, we are going to be picking some space in your home that makes you feel awful TUG when you are about to do something for yourself: Now, this could mean going for a run, couching it to watch a movie, working on your creative project, literally-anything that lights your fire. But then....you feel that, ugh! that thing! That awful, naggy, pulling, sort of sluggish feeling that whispers in your ear: "Do some laundry at least you lazy cow!" or "You have to clear your desk off first!"

We usually end up ignoring this voice, and sometimes, as we mentioned in a previous post, you absolutely need to...BUT! This weekend, we are going to be put this voice to the test: Do the dreaded chore(s), write it on your Ta-Da list, and then see if you feel better. Sit down and "treat" yourself to whatever you wanted to really do in the first place, and REALLY do it. Then, put THAT on your Ta-Da List (see how this works?), and see how that feels. (Maybe it sucks, who knows, but try it!) Please do not forget to let us know how it goes, #HappyFriday xo

 (Above Photo: Pottery Barn Kids)