Traveling with the family this President's Day Weekend?

My brother is taking his girlfriend and two teenagers (boy and girl) to Vega star this President's day Weekend, which prompted this post. They are driving there, and they are not usually a road-tripping family, Camping, yes. Fun outings, sure. They just do not travel together too much as a family. 

What to do if you are traveling with family, especially in a car? And say there's littles or teens involved? Well, since I don't have kids, I'll leave that up you (!) But, we can advise on how to keep your smile, and, hopefully, make some memories that you will look back on fondly (at least one day!)

If you are EXCITED about this trip

1. Yay, that is wonderful. Sounds like you are already grateful and feel good about going away. Just do what you always do, and keep doing more of it!

2. Try to extend this enthusiasm into some kind of tradition you and your family (or friend group) can do each time you go away. Perhaps it's a special trinket you all hunt for, the same thing from each place (like a holiday ornament or fun kitchen utensil, if you cook or bake together)  a special meal you all treat yourselves to on the last night, or a hilarious group photo in which you recreate the same funny pose in a new locale. 

3. Us the time to really charge and think also, make the time to talk about what you all want to do and change together when you get home. A neutral space on vacation is a GREAT time to discuss any more intricate family matters, sibling squabbles, or trouble at school. It's also a great, safe time for you and your spouse or partner to discuss any new changes you may have been putting off (especially since New Years!) Or-anything else you feel safe enough to speak about here. It's a really great time: The weather feels good (hopefully) , and everyone is relaxed. 

If You Are Dreading this Trip

1. We know this sounds annoying, but dash off a half a page of gratitude. Jess Lively actually does five pages each morning guys, and calls this a "Rage of Appreciation." We love this. And admire it. And aspire to it. It's not easy, no way, not at all, especially when you may have very good reason to not be excited to  travel. But try to see what good that you can...

2. What can you do Can yo afford to book a massage or some type of spa treatment? How about squeezing in a yoga class, or a round of tennis? It's your time, too, so-even if there are family obligations (say, with young children, or you are the Maid if Honor, perhaps) you can still carve out some time. Skip the day drinking before the wedding, or space out the fun-family time between you and your partner. Not everything has to be done totally together. Trust us, everyone will be happier if you are. Take care of yourself, in any way that you can. And if that means writing ten pages of your novel, or getting some work done, by all means, do it! (As long as it feels good, and it actually relaxes you.)

3. Just remember: It's only one (long!) weekend. It will be over soon. If it is really bad, and you can't do it for yourself, fake-it-till-you-make-it for the kids. They may not even remember this vacation if they're little, but trust me, they will remember you blowing up in the car. Or being bitchy to that poor waiter. Or losing your mind at the swimming pool. Just repeat: It will be over soon! Make it as good as you can, for yourself, first and foremost. 

4.  And don't forget, although we are not avid shoppers here at House & Mind, we certainly approve of picking up some great deals on President's Day! When ALL else fails, you can always, well,  shop!