Thankful, or what, this Thanksgiving...

How Green Is Your Grass?

We talked a lot last week about how to deal with funny or crazy or obnoxious Thanksgiving holiday situations. But some of us may have a whole different set of circumstances. And those could run the complete opposite ends of the spectrum. 

Things could be really bad. Some sh*t is going on, has gone down, or for some reason, this holiday season always just historically brings you down (enough said.) Or, things could be great. You're in love, or just had a beautiful, second baby, things are going pretty well financially, and you feel, well, (we won't hate you, promise) #blessed (!)

But maybe you start to feel guilty about all the good things you have, when so many others are down-trodden, sad and/or alone. Or, if you are feeling sad/having a lot of stuff on your plate and in your life, you may be looking into the proverbial windows of others' lives, and feel waves and pangs of longing and desperation. 

One of my closest friends was telling me about her weekend with her boyfriend. Now, this guy truly is the love of her life. She does not want be with anyone else, and has a pretty decent and nice quality of life. When I joked about some relatively boring, single-girl weekend plans I had, she said, sotto voce, "Believe me, the grass is always greener." I laughed, and she whispered, "I'm serious!"

Being a great friend? Maybe. Or, just maybe...she was telling... the truth!

Not everything is as it seems. 

It does no one any good to feel guilty and undeserving of the positive things-material or otherwise, in your own life.  It's terrible karma, as my friend Mick would say. Because essentially, everyone's path is their very own. And you cannot look at someone in passing, and clue into their life, or their worth, or their entire state of being. 

It's just the same as looking at other's lives that appear to be golden and forever wand-tipped. That picture is never that clear, either, and that lawn often times is being spray-painted a neon-bright, verdant green-through Instagram, Facebook, a fancy car or outfit, or enviable home address. It's not really that green, not a true green, usually, anyhow. 

Or, most importantly, not the green YOU are imagining it to be...

BUT... These are projections. They are a part of you. They clue you in to what you want in life, so, start listening, and playing this envy and malaise in a different area of your life. And stop feeling sorry for people who may not want you have anyway, if you are feeling quite good and fulfilled, and are feeling that it may be taken away. It's okay, dude...That is what we are here for, hopefully. To be full and content and (positively) productive, in a deep and meaningful way to ourselves. 

We all get to decide what to be grateful for this week, and all year, and always.  Let's maybe try to give ourselves, and each other, a wide berth and a lot of room the week, whether inside our heads, at the dinner table, or in that fusty, three-hour car ride home. 

Why not? We can all at least try to be and feel, at least for a few moments, wait for it! (and don't hate me!).... #blessed.