Taking Chances...At Home & In Life

Taking a leap is hard, and they come in so many different shapes and forms: Quitting a job you loathe, taking the plunge with someone you adore...Some chances hold great depth and meaning, others are things to be passed up, or not. 

The way we fill our space can sometimes help jumpstart us when we are starting to make real transitions in life...You may find that getting rid of that old catch and getting a new one in fabulous orange precepts you quitting that job. Tiny leaps can often make way for the larger ones, whether they be out in the "real" world, or,  at home. 

This is not about decor choices: It's about letting go, often, and just, putting your toe in that water. What does it feel like to be the girl with the orange couch? How amazing was it to realize that humungous painting you rescued from the alley, actually, well doesn't just look good in your kitchen... it looks amazing?! 

I'll tell you how it feels...

It feels like, no matter what, you can slowly begin to trust yourself. 

You can sell or give away that couch, or put that painting back in the trash if it doesn't work out. And you can do the same thing in life. 

There are no quizzes, you are not being tested in this lifetime. Your children love you more if they see a human being falling and trying, then smoldering and resentful and on the sidelines. Taking a chance, little or big, daring or "home-ish," all reap the same kind of reward: You get to sit with the satisfaction of knowing you went with your gut.

This post is just a little reminder to be as bold as you want this next month- whatever that means to you...It's all the same in the end. And we are all here, just trying our best, whatever that means to us individually. 

PS-I found this painting about 20 blocks away from my house. (Yes, in the alley!) I had my mom drive with me hanging it out the car window. It was fantastic, and I love being reminded of that day sometimes when I look at it. A little, tiny chance, that, while physical in nature, paid off enormously in delight, and bringing joy to my little space...