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Home clearing

Maybe you just need help with a random closet, garage or out-of-control storage or office clutter situation. We can help if you live in Los Angeles! 

Check out one of our recent "Monster Garage" Case Studies!


home & life organization BEGINS IN YOUR HEAD...

Great news! Your Inner & Outer Houses CAN become aligned.  Let us help you identify your blocks to clutter-clearing, and living the clear-minded, self-fulfilled life you've always dreamed about. Maybe you've tidied everything up around you tis your blue in the face-and still feel, well, just stuck. We can relate! Our belief is that self-realization can only start at home-when the physical space you inhabit aligns with your own mental interior space. You will work with a therapist and home organizer to identify your specific, strategic goals- together. 


house & mind


Our weekly podcast on how to keep your head and house straight and in balance. We are two funny LA chicks-one, a therapist, and the other, a born-organizer and design-lover...Join us every Friday morning as we drink Mimosas and talk everything house & mind...