We are a team of design lovers and therapists who are going to help you get your head straight to get your home straight-identifying blocks and sticking points that get in the way. 

We too have tried and failed to live a more streamlined life-until we realized we weren't focused on theright things. It wasn't necessarily straightening out our desks before we began to work on that novel or that article(although that definitely can help, sometimes, duh!) It was the state of mind we were in, where we were at in our heads and hearts,  before we even got started. Looking for peace of mind will not come only from cleaning out your junk drawer and folding your undies the right way (no disrespect intended to the lovely Marie Kondo!) 

It comes from inside, dude. 

We want to work with you to build the life of your dreams...Starting with wherever you live, whatever you have, and whatever emotional "space" you live in. We have an upcoming podcast we're launching, have this blog here, sell original artwork and photos and other treasures on this site, and also recommend products that we use and love (and we are registered affiliates with the stores and companies we like and utilize.) We are also available to help you in your everyday life-at home, with therapy and coaching sessions, and general life organization. We really hope you enjoy this site, and hope it helps you find some peace of mind at home, and wherever you may be...

Mindfully, sanely, and hopefully- with a little touch of class, we are here to help you get your Sh*t Together! And of course, supply you with endless juicy tips we all shamelessly crave: How the best way to organize your junk drawer, shop for vintage treasures, tidy up your garage, your closet, your space, clean the windows, make your tub sparkle-you name it. (Welove that stuff, don't you worry!) xo